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Our electronic shisha devices are portable and easy to operate, they produce water flavoured vapour, which disperses a soothing fruity taste into your mouth in either a tranquil atmosphere or a loud ambiance. We do compromise on competitive price, but never on taste.

We provide two types of Shisha from Traditional Standard and Premiums fruits cocktail Shisha.


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Estimated delivery time is 1 hour. For your convenience and satisfaction, when choosing a delivery date and time, please make sure to choose a time within our open hours and at least 2 hours in advance of when you want it.

Are you thinking of something different and unusual?  With our unique Shisha catering service, you can make your next celebration a memorable one.  

If you planning a private party or a corporate event or just want to smoke Shisha – we will create a tailored solution for you. All our solutions include modern design equipment, high-end accessories and a personal Shisha professional who will ensure that you always get an unforgettable smoking experience. (advance booking required)